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beta version of v201109 - 10-03-2012

10.03.2012 - I just finished a first update of the library to support v201109. Most services working correctly. I tested all code examples. MutateJobService is still missing. Download v201109_beta_02_10032012.zip

Version: 1.02 of v201101


With the ColdFusion Adwords API Client Library it is possible to get access to the Google Adwords API (V201101) to start new campaigns, adding ads, to add keywords and so on. All with the help of a simple and robust set of coldfusion components accessing the google adwords api. More at http://www.cfsolutions.de/coldfusion_adwords_api/ .


The downloadable Zip consits of the following directories:

- com
- docs
- examples

To install the ColdFusion Adwords API Client Library you have to extract the zip file to your webroot directory. After doing that you have to move the com folder from webroot/adwords_api/com to webroot/com. Requires: ColdFusion 8

All examples are connecting to the sandbox. You need a google account to get access to the sandbox. Go to the examples dir and change the user settings inside config.cfm to a valid google account and the examples should work. Once you get your api account you can change the settings inside config.cfm again. I suggest using the included coldfusion and extjs based Google Adwords Account Viewer or the Sandbox Account Viewer (Java based GUI for the Adwords API Sandbox) during developement.


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Extra Documentation

I have written an extra documentation beside this class documentation. You will find it here .

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Licensing & Support

cfsolutions offers the ColdFusion Adwords API Client Library under flexible licenses designed to meet the usage and distribution requirements of different users:

Release History
* = changed  - = removed  + = added

May 18,2011 - Version 1.02 of v201101

May 15,2011 - Version 1.01 of v201101

May 11,2011 - Version 1.0 of v201101

April 18,2011 - Version Beta 0.5 of v201101

May 13,2008 - Version Beta 0.4

May 04,2008 - Version Beta 0.3

April 26,2008 - Version Beta 0.2